Live Life Liquid


At Liquefy we appreciate that premium coffee is as much a part of a liquid lifestyle as the cold-press juice and smoothies we serve. To ensure we are able to consistently serve the highest quality coffee in all of our coffee-based products, we have sourced what we believe to be the best single-origin, organic coffee beans in Australia.

Liquefy’s roaster follows an exacting formula to blend and roast the beans we use every day to make our bottled coffee mylks and the coffee we serve in our outlets. We accept only the finest fair-trade, organic coffee beans and our baristas carefully monitor the performance of the beans we serve to ensure they meet our exacting standards. All of our outlets offer at least three bean choices:

  • a five bean organic house blend that produces a lush, warm, comforting, full-bodied yet slightly spicy coffee that is a little on the darker side and makes a superb milk coffee.
  • a single-origin, organic Sumatran coffee regarded as one of the best beans in the world. This grand cru coffee is complex and bold with a fine clean finish, medium acidity and hints of roast caramel and spiced fruit flavours and is right at home in a strong espresso.
  • a delicate yet full-flavoured decaffeinated organic bean that presents with all the characteristics and flavour of a traditional bean thanks to the gentle chemical-free Swiss-water decaffeination process used to wash these beans. Expect a fragrant coffee that is smooth and clean with a hint of chocolate and vanilla.